Outwater Plastics introduces its D-Light LED T5 Compact Lighting, featuring the look of a fluorescent light fixture in an LED format. The D-Light is integrated within a low profile, sturdy, all-white PVC casing, intended to fit into hard-to-light places such as furniture, cabinets and displays, says the company. The energy efficient 120 volt D-Light LED T5 features a 6-foot power cord, PVC mounting clips and screws, a protective polycarbonate bulb cover and an on/off rocker switch. The modular, daisy-chained connectivity enables up to ten fixtures to be linked directly to one another or via available 6-in., 12-in. or 18-in. connecting cables. Offered in three standard lengths from 23.77-inches up to 47.70-inches with cool or warm white lighting, the D-Light T5 comprises from 96 to 240 LED chips per fixture with a CRI of 75 (cool white) and 80 (warm white) with a beam spread of 120 degrees. The fixture uses 33% to 42% less energy than a fluorescent light, contains no mercury and does not emit UV rays or infrared light, says Outwater.

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