Walls + Forms introduces the Modular Wall System, a design based around simple to install modular frames that can be mounted to walls.  Once the frames are in place, panels of various sizes, colors, shapes, and types can be dropped into place using built in keyhole slots. Panel components are completely interchangeable. Panel locations automatically provide opening slots for hardware. Wire management is provided by the frame design itself, resulting in no visible wires, easy access, and quick interchangeability, says the company. The Modular Wall System features: a 41-inch wide aluminum frame, a Plumb-Easy wall bracket system, and a skin of easy to change plates. With the Modular Wall System frames, panel plates, connecting hardware and accessories hang directly onto the frame unit. The Modular Wall System has  power outlets hidden behind the plates, while power cords from electrical products are inserted between them. This system allows users to setup temporary departments, add panel frames where and when needed, and configure wall and floor panel frames over and around existing obstruction. A product gallery of Modular Wall System installations is online at the company website and will be updated regularly.

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