Environmentally-Friendly Paint Grade Doors

Keystone Wood Specialties’ Superior Green paint grade doors are made using solid soft maple rails and stiles, and panels milled from Plum Creek’s GlacierGreen medium density fiberboard. Keystone says the panels provide a homogeneous core and offer smooth, unblemished surfaces after machining, which allows for easy, dependable finishing and a quality end product.  Keystone’s Superior Green Doors and Drawer Fronts may be ordered unfinished, primed for painting, or prefinished in the customer’s choice of Keystone colors. Keystone says it can custom color match an order to a customer’s supplied color sample.

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Keystone Wood Specialties is a wholesale manufacturer of wood components for the custom cabinet, furniture, and remodeling industries. We strive to provide the highest quality products, the best tools and resources, and the most personalized service available.




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