Easy Install Fasteners in Cabinet Software Program

LockDowel announced its new snap lock fasteners have been programmed into Cabinet Vision Ultimate Version 8.0. Cabinet Vision licensees will be able to choose any of LockDowel’s products and associated construction method from within Cabinet Vision and design cabinets or case good products using LockDowel’s new snap lock fastener system. Existing Cabinet Vision licensees that build cabinets, furniture, retail displays, and closets can transition their current designs to use LockDowel, says the company. LockDowel fasteners are available in metal and plastic. All LockDowel products provide tool-less assembly while providing stronger furniture joints, easy snap lock assembly, and the elimination of screws, glue, nails and cam locks, says the company. LockDowel fasteners have successfully reached pull strengths that range from 120 to more than 200 pounds and they eliminate the “clamping” manufacturing step. The company adds that installer or end-user furniture assembly time and complexity in most cases have been reduced by more than 80 percent. LockDowel hardware is pre-installed and gives installers the ability to quickly snap lock furniture with minimal need of instruction manuals and no requirement for tools, says the company. LockDowel uses standard 8mm & 5mm dowel size standards, says the company.

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