Durable 26" Jobsite Work Box

Milwaukee Tool’s 26” Jobsite Work Box is designed for extreme durability and can survive more than 1000 drops with a 50lb load, says the company. Durability features include reinforced corners for impact resistance, recessed latches that are positioned for protection against jobsite abuse, and buttressed hinges that allow falling debris to deflect off the hinge rather than break it upon impact. The work box is made with high impact resistant polymer and is weather sealed to protect the user’s tools from debris and contamination. It has corner pockets to securely organize tools upright in the corners of the work box, and mounting bosses in the lid for hanging items. The 26” Work Box features a top handle design that folds into a cut groove for clamping small diameter material while cutting. It also features space within the main compartment for long, bulky tools, and a removable tray for organizing smaller items.

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