Drawer Slide Spacers

Bainbridge Manufacturing says it offers drawer slide spacers in many color and sizes, along with hundreds of other plastic products used in the woodworking industry. All of the products are available in Brainbridge’s online store at BainbridgeMfg.com. A leading manufacturer of plastic hardware in North America, Bainbridge offers free samples upon request.

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About Bainbridge Mfg. Inc.

Bainbridge Mfg, Inc is North America's leading manufacturer of plastic hardware for cabinets, closets and furniture. For over 55 years we have been designing and injection molding plastic hardware such as corner braces, shelf supports, drawer slide sockets, grommets, clips, caps, covers, plugs + much more! Our full line of more than 600 products includes anything plastic that is used while manufacturing or repairing wood fixtures.



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Phone: 509-745-9555

Fax: 509-745-9666

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