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Doug Mockett & Co. introduces four new drawer pulls, recently added to its collection. The Cascade Pull, DP216 (pictured), features a smooth arcing texture that creates a gentle slope, which is complemented by soft grain lines, beautiful craftsmanship and attention to detail, says the company. The top and rounded edges hollow out to create a comfortable grip surface on the backside of the pull. The Stretch Pull, DP219, is a fanciful design, says Mockett. The thin frame in the center flows to a thicker rounded base on each end and offers a stylish way to have a bit of fun with the decorative pull. The Treasure Chest, DP217 features a small base that mounts directly onto the drawer face. Grasp ring and lift up 90 degrees to open, says the company. Stop points on the latch keep the ring from slamming against the drawer face or from swinging over the top and hitting the topside of the drawer, adds Mockett. The Trowel Pull, DP221 is described as strong and rigid with the classic contours of a strongbox door handle. It has smooth clean lines and flawless sterile construction creating a bold and refined look, says the company. All four drawer pulls are featured in a Satin Nickel finish. The drawer pulls can be used on kitchen and bath cabinetry, office and computer furniture.

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