Rockler introduces the Dowelmax Junior, a Doweling Jig that allows users to create a variety of woodworking joints without marking or measuring, says the company. The Dowelmax Jr. features a row of five uniformly-spaced guide holes. Users flush the jig with the end of the workpiece, choose which holes to use, drill, then repeat with the adjoining piece, says the company. The Dowelmax Jr. can be used for edge joining, miters, splices, joining framework, casework and more. Because it’s clamped in place with an F-clamp, it can handle large workpieces. The Dowelmax Jr. also includes a set of spacers for making offset joints and for centering the dowel holes on thicker stock. An optional 1/4" drill guide package is also available for using the jig on stock as thin as 1/2".

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