Cutting Guide for Crown Moldings

General introduces the Crown King, a cutting guide for crown moldings. The Crown King No. 881 is designed to professionally cut crown molding joints easily and precisely, says the company. It will cut mitered interior and exterior corner joints in the same alignment as they are installed on the wall, adds General. The Crown King eliminates the need for: difficult angle calculations, coping of joints, compound-angle cutting, auxiliary fences and miter box positioning. The Crown King includes a 45-degree spring angle crown molding jig with an adapter for 52-degree and 38-degree spring angles. With the Crown King, users can create a crown molding in four steps, says the company, including (1) measuring the interior and exterior corners and (2) setting up the saw blade direction as indicated on the tops of the jig and then set the blade at ½ of the measured angle. Step 3 is to position the jig and the molding on the miter saw table. Hold the moldings securely in the jig and cut. Step 4 is installation. The yellow angle insert can be used as an installation guide by holding the insert against the wall to check 38-degree and 45-degree angles or against the ceiling to check 52-degree angles.

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