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Customizable Track Storage
May 10, 2013 | 3:59 pm CDT

The Omni Track wall-mounted system from Hafele offers a univeral and versatile storage solution. Applications include garages, utility closets, laundry rooms, craft rooms and other areas where the Omni Track system can be customized to fit organizational needs, says Hafele. The fully engineered aluminum wall track is thick, durable and seamlessly overlaps with other tracks to provide the length and width needed. Omni Track features a high tech design and modern anodized finish. A selection of track configurations, hooks and hangers make it customizeable for a variety of storage uses, including storage of roller blades, garden equipment, cleaning supplies or a roll of gift wrap, says the company. Attachments are made of steel and some include a black rubber coating to protect the hardware and the items resting on it. There are 15 available garage attachments including: Utility Hook, Garden Tool Hook, House Hook, Bike Hook, Fishing Rod Hook, Screwdriver Hook, Pliers Hook, Handtool Hook, Paper Organizer, Single Hook and Basket Hooks.

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