Collated Epoxy Screws

Starborn’s Deckfast Epoxy Coated Screws are now available in collated strips for use with the Muro Ultra Driver auto-feed speed screwing system. The Deckfast Epoxy Screws are available in three colors (Grey, Red and Tan) and in star drives and reinforced flat heads in collated strips that will add to worker efficiency, says the company. The Deckfast Epoxy screws feature an epoxy polymer resin over zinc plate coating to prevent corrosion, adds Starborn, and are designed for use in all types of treated lumber decking applications (ACQ approved) as well as general exterior use. Available collated in 1 1/2” and 3” lengths, the screws also feature auger points, and are offered in a choice of three color options so users can better match the fastener to a deck. Starborn has three fastener lines available in collated strips including Deckfast, Headcote 305/316 and CAP-TOR xd, says the company. Starborn offers a guide to selecting a deck fastener at its Deck Fastener Information Center.

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