Cam Lock For Interchangeable Core

Olympus Lock, Inc. announces a new addition to its product line, the Olympus ME93LM/DM cam lock for Medeco large format interchangeable core cylinders. The new ME93LM/DM is a 1-1/8” diameter cam lock that will fit up to 1-1/8” material thickness and accepts Medeco 6-pin IC core cylinder #32-0201. It is the only cam lock currently available for Medeco original large format interchangeable core cylinders, says the company. The lock uses all of Olympus Lock’s existing parts and optional accessories including cams and trim collars and has similar dimensions to the company’s 720LM/DM (for SFIC) and 920LM/DM (for Schlage full-size IC) cam locks. The ME93LM/DM comes standard in a US26D satin chrome finish and is available for immediate shipment.

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