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Now available with newly introduced floor and fascia mount posts, Outwater’s Cable-Rail is easy to install, prefabricated cable assembly system that can be used to replace ordinary, outdated, view impeding metal and wood railing pickets, the company says. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use in residential or commercial applications, Cable-Rail includes a choice of 1/8-inch, 3/16-inch or ¼-inch diameter. The high-strength, weather impervious type 316 stainless steel cable, which when used in conjunction with its supplied corresponding automatic-locking, quick-connect fittings and hardware, can be easily threaded and properly tensioned through the holes of the system’s posts without the need for welding. In addition, the cable assembly system also can be utilized with existing wood, aluminum or steel railing frames if desired to produce an extremely durable, virtually invisible and perceptibly open railing that yields unimpaired views. Cable-Rail is sold in standard lengths from 5 feet to 80 feet in increments of 5 feet, and can be trimmed to a finished dimension in the field, making it an ideal choice for fences, trellises, handrails and balustrading, and other architectural structures, the company says.

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