Cabinet Storage System

Glideware offers the ability to hang rather than stack pots and pans using a fully extendable rail system. Glideware installs easily inside standard cabinets, says the company, and organizes everything from kitchens to bathrooms to closets to garages. Glideware has adjustable and removable hooks, which are weighted and synchronized to keep cookware quiet while in use. Glideware is designed to organize and eliminate clutter and fits any standard-depth base cabinet. It features a heavy duty design that can accommodate cookware up to 100 lbs. Glideware is versatile with storage applications beyond pots and pans, says the company. Glideware can be used to store mops and brooms in a pantry, backpacks in a mudroom, purses in a closet, and for garage or basement storage. Glideware is engineered and made in the USA, with pricing starting at  $189.

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