Colonial Saw Co., introduces the Lamello Top 21 Biscuit Joiner. New features of the Lamello Top 21 include a flush base plate and an electronically controlled 800-watt motor that includes a soft start function, speed control,  and overload and start protection. The swiveling front stop and the front stop square are flush on both sides of the machine. The flush base plate allows for easy and fast alignment of the machine to the side of the workpiece in all positions including tight corners, says the company, and the measuring guide for angle and height adjustment is placed so that both can be set from the same viewpoint. The motor is easily maintained, says the company, with spare parts such as carbon brushes, switches and electric parts that can be changed without tools. The base plate in the new version has the same slide system. The new multifunctional stop square can be slid onto the base plate for a larger application surface and it can be used for alignment of the outside edge of miter joints in work pieces of varying thickness. 

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