Auto Lock Tape with Customizable Hook

Stanley introduces the new Stanley FatMax 16’, 25’, and 30’ tape rules, offering professional quality with an auto-locking mechanism and interchangeable large hook attachment, says the company. The new detachable hook system allows users to connect the over-sized hook attachment for framing applications or remove it for standard applications. The new FatMax tape has a blade that automatically locks at the length to which it is extended. When the release button is depressed, the blade retracts. The auto-locking feature allows users to control tape retraction, which helps to provide long blade life, says Stanley.The tape also features a manual mode, a setting used to override the auto-locking mechanism, enabling it to become a traditional retractable tape, by depressing the button and pulling back away from the hook. The 16 foot FatMax auto-locking tape rule, model FMHT33316, will retails for approximately $19.99. The 25 foot FatMax auto-locking tape rule, model FMHT33338, will retail for approximately $24.99. The 30 foot FatMax auto-locking tape rule, model FMHT33348, will retail for approximately $29.99.

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