Aluminum Panel Clips

Outwater Plastics says its Aluminum Panel Clips offer a quick, easy and cost effective way to hang a wide range of items, including large heavy structures such as floating cabinets, wall panels, partitions, signage and frames.  Outwater’s Aluminum Panel Clips connect and lock together by lowering the upper panel clip that has been attached to the object to be hung into the groove of the lower panel clip that has been fastened to the intended mounting surface. The Aluminum Panel Clips from Outwater are made of mill finished, extruded aluminum and available in 4’, 8’ and 12’ lengths. They are precut in 1 ½”. 2” and 2 ½” pieces both with and without predrilled holes in eight different profiles, permitting installed items to rest flush against the mounting surface. The pre-drilled holes are 3/16” in diameter and accommodate #10 screws.

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