Air Vent Grille Series

Doug Mockett & Co. introduces the Goldberg-Touhill (GT) Air Vent Grille Series, designed by Steve Goldberg and Thomas Touhill of Philadelphia, PA. The GT Air Vent Grille was a winner of Mockett’s 1989 Design Competition.  The GT grilles are each custom-made to a user’s exact size specifications, from a tidy 4 in. by 4 in. to a massive 3 ft. by 10 ft., says the company. Air pass through is important, adds Mockett, and the meshes offer a 41% to 79% open area for air flow. Mockett offers four different mesh designs in a selection of finishes: Matt Black, Light Grey, White and Custom. Mesh/1 is the original design from Mockett, which offers 63% air pass through. Mesh/2 is an expanded version of the original design with a 79% air pass through. Mesh/3 features a bold, square design and offers 63% air pass through and Mesh/4, with a complex design, offers 41% air pass through. Contact the company for additional information.

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