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Compact Hardwood Flooring Cleat Nailer
August 29, 2013 | 4:19 pm CDT

Senco introduces the SHF200 compact, high-speed pneumatic Hardwood Flooring Cleat Nailer designed to offer 547 inch-pounds at 100 PSI. No tools are required to adjust the nailer for different flooring thicknesses. To use lift and rotate the non-marring base plate to the desired depth setting and release to lock it back into place. With the plate resting squarely against the surface, the tool is aligned above the tongue on the floorboard for accurate cleat placement, says Senco. The combination of the composite shoe and the use of cleat nails minimize the risk of scratching or splitting, and cleats also allow for seasonal expansion and contraction of the wood, adds the company. The SHF200 is equipped with a safety trigger that must be actively depressed to fire and it has an angled fitting to keep the air hose free and clear during operation. The cleat nailer has a magazine capacity of 107 fasteners and the SHF200 uses standard 16-gauge L shaped flooring cleats ranging from 1 ½” to 2” long with a weight of 10 lbs., a durable aluminum body and elongated handle design with a comfort grip. The SHF200 includes a carrying case, mallet, oil, wrenches, and safety glasses.

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