Quick-Adjust Jig

Kreg Tool’s new Kreg Jig K5 features a clamping mechanism that has a front-mounted handle and adjusts to different workpiece thicknesses without tools or adjusting nuts. Adjusting is accomplished by sliding the clamping mechanism into position, lifting the front-mounted handle, and then pushing it back down. This sets the spring-loaded clamp to hold tight, says the company. Resetting for a different thickness requires repeating the same steps. Rubber padding on the clamp face prevents workpiece marring. Adjusting the K5 is simplified further with the quick-release Drill Guide Block, as well as a new setting block for the drill bit stop collar, adds Kreg. In addition to the included standard 3-hole Drill Guide Block, the Kreg Jig  K5 is compatible with the Kreg Micro Pocket Drill Guide and Kreg Jig HD. The K5 supports long or wide workpieces via a pair of removable extension wings that double as storage compartments for drill and driver bits, Kreg screws and plugs, and other K5 accessories. Also included is an adjustable workpiece stop, a swiveling dust-collection port, and hex-shank drill and driver bits along with access to SkillBuilder instructional videos and free downloadable project plans.

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