Auto Adjust Bench Clamps

Kreg Tool’s Automaxx Bench Klamps are designed to adjust automatically to clamp materials that are thin, thick, or in between to a workbench or work table. Users set the pressure using an easy-to-regulate thumbscrew and the bench clamps lock closed with any thickness, says Kreg. The bench clamps work in conjunction with either Kreg Klamp Track or the Kreg Klamp Plate. Kreg offers Automaxx Bench Klamps in two versions. The KKS1120 Bench Klamp offers a 3" reach and clamps materials up to 21⁄2" thick. The KKS1140 Large Bench Klamp has a 6” reach and clamps materials up to 41⁄4" thick. Kreg also offers the Automaxx Bench Klamp System: The (KKS1110) Automaxx Bench Klamp System combines a 3" Automaxx  Bench Klamp with a Kreg Klamp Plate to create a versatile 360° benchtop clamping station that  can  be placed anywhere, adds the company. The clamps feature a large padded jaw with durable padded handles, designed to increase comfort and reduce hand fatigue, says Kreg.



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