Point-to-Point Drilling & Dowel Insertion

Koch Machinery & Systems' Sprint-Plus Series of point-to-point drilling and dowel insertion machines is engineered for fast, precision processing of panels, rails and stiles, the company says. All models provide horizontal and vertical drilling with horizontal gluing and dowel insertion, feature programming via a PC control panel and allow the flexibility of drilling, gluing and doweling patterns in inches or millimeter. The Sprint-Plus Series offers: one, two or four work stations, 600mm (23.5 in.) to 2,500 mm (98 in.) working zones, numeric control in 1 axis (X) or 3 axes (X, Y & Z), and 3 to 14 spindles.

About Koch LP Machinery & Systems

Founded in 1925, PAUL has gained over 80 years of experience in the design and production of woodworking machinery and established itself as a market leader.

Today PAUL is offering cutting-edge technology for cross-cutting and ripping systems of solid wood and panels.

Highest priority is put on excellence in design and quality workmanship of the PAUL machines, which are recognized worldwide for their outstanding reliability and value.

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