Optimizing Crosscut Saw

The Series 11 CNC Optimizing Cross-Cut Saws remove defects, cut pre-programmed lengths from boards 1 in. to 7 in. in width, offer automatic out feed sorting and stacking, and are equipped with the latest CNC controls, including an integrated touch-screen user interface that can be connected and accessed from any PC on a computer network, the company says. Available in three models; 11 MKL, 11KE and 11E, the saws also offer a range of function specific options that allow the saw to be tailored to fit specific requirements.

About Paul Saws & Systems

Founded in 1925, PAUL has gained over 80 years of experience in the design and production of woodworking machinery and established itself as a market leader.

Today PAUL is offering cutting-edge technology for cross-cutting and ripping systems of solid wood and panels.

Highest priority is put on excellence in design and quality workmanship of the PAUL machines, which are recognized worldwide for their outstanding reliability and value.



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