The SCM Superset XL moulder features a monoblock single-piece base for vibration-free stability. The machine’s "Superset Setting System" allows for rapid and accurate changeovers from one job to the next, the company says. Features include independent spindle motors combined with dual post feed beam support and a pneumatically loaded receding chip-breaker to the top horizontal spindle. The machine is available with a two-sector split pressure shoe and computerized spindle positioning.

About SCM

SCM, established in 1952 and headquartered in Rimini, Italy, is a leading producer of the most technologically advanced industrial woodworking machines in the world. With 27 production facilities and 26 foreign subsidiaries, SCM has over two million machines installed and operating in 120 countries, has over 3,800 employees, and 1/2 billion dollar turnover.




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