Industrial Laser Series

Universal’s Industrial Laser Series features large work tables, up to 150W laser power and opening side doors to accommodate cabinetry, doors and other oversize work pieces – virtually any length. It runs from most graphic software and CAD programs using an exclusive print driver that automatically calculates optimal speed and power settings for most cutting and engraving operations. Designed to provide the ultimate in reliability, flexibility and ease of use, the ILS can be customized to suit your needs.

About Universal Laser Systems, Inc.

Take your woodworking business to the next level with a Universal Laser System! Universal Laser Systems manufactures a comprehensive line of computer-controlled CO2 laser systems that can cut and engrave a wide variety of wood and wood products with amazing speed, detail and accuracy. Thousands of woodworkers, artisans and furniture makers worldwide use Universal laser systems to transform their computerized designs into beautifully finished pieces quickly and easily. Optimized to meet the needs of the woodworking industry, Universal’s laser systems are ideal for producing quality scroll saw cuttings; engraving intricate designs and patterns that would be impossible to create with a router; cutting deep, complex dovetails, perfect circles and computer-generated shapes to 0.001 accuracy without burning or breaking; producing inlay; scribing intricate designs into wood veneers, furniture and cabinetry; and much more. Easy to learn and operate, Universal's systems are compatible with AutoCAD and most popular Windows-based graphic software programs. Systems are available with 16”x12” to 48”x24” table sizes and 10-150 watts of laser power. The Industrial Laser Series from Universal is also available in table sizes of 36”x24” and 48”x24” with laser power up to 150 watts and pass-through capability (optional) for engraving and cutting items of unlimited length.




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