Furniture Frame Manufacturing Cell

Pictured is a salvaged 1996 Accu-Router Series III frame reborn into a green CNC cell with maximum positioning and cutting speeds. This system is capable of machining 150 nested plywood panels in an 8-hr shift. This cell features two premium 15-hp precision collet spindles and two 9-spindle vertical boring heads on 24-in. fixed centers to split the machine’s 4-ft by 8-ft main table.

The machine incorporates Accu-Router’s leading double holddown system – rollers and bleeder vacuum – for unmatched hold-down efficiency, the company says. Rapid positioning speeds are 3,000 ipm in the X and Y axes. Cutting rates are as high as 1,500 ipm in the X and Y axes. Six 4-ft by 4-ft auxiliary flotation ball tables facilitate rolling in panel stacks for machining and rolling the cut parts out, keeping the machine cell operating near continuously.
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