Double Miter Saw

The Inmes IM-350 double miter saw from PAM Fastening Technology was developed for cutting with precision, giving a suitable miter corner joint. The two large 350mm blades are capable of cutting up to 8-1/4 in. by 4-1/8 in. moulding at 45°. The IM-350’s cable-activated adjustable moulding clamps securely hold moulding during cutting, enhancing safety by keeping the operator’s hands a safe distance from the saw blades. The saw includes two dust ports on the rear, making it simpler to connect to the user’s dust collection system.

About FastenMaster, div. of OMG Inc.

OMG Inc. acquired PAM Fastening Technology Inc. OMG is a manufacturer of fasteners and building products for commercial and residential construction applications. OMG has integrated PAM into its FastenMaster business. 

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