Cross-Cutting Saw System

TigerStop offers the TigerSaw, a fully automated cross-cutting saw system that includes high-speed laser defecting to quickly cut around defects without leaving a mark on the material. It also has TigerOptimizer, the company’s patented material optimizer, which reduces waste by an average of 35%.

The TigerSaw runs at a maximum feed speed of up to 75 in. per second and also features a gang stop, swing clamp, 12-ft outfeed table, a cutlist on demand workflow management software, and a learning clamp that senses material thickness to reduce saw cycle time.

About TigerStop LLC

TigerStop, LLC, is the global leader in stop/gauge and pushers systems. Founded as Precision Automation, Inc. in 1994, it has deep roots in manufacturing. Furniture, cabinet, electronics and metalworking are industries well understood by the employees of TigerStop. TigerStop Assembly Plant, located in Vancouver, Washington, expanded to a new facility in 2000 and occupies 27,000 sq ft. TigerStop has an international presence with a manufacturing plant located in Wierden, Holland. The TigerStop distribution network spans six continents and products are supported in five languages. TigerStop maintains an aggressive research and development program with over 100 patent claims awarded or pending.




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