CNC Routing System

CNC Shark Pro, two full-featured CNC routing systems that give woodworkers affordable options for automated routing, the company says. The CNC Shark has a 15-3/4-in. by 31-1/2-in. table and will handle a variety of small projects, while the Shark Pro nearly doubles the X-axis travel (from 13 in. to 24 in.), equipping it for larger projects.

Three-axis travel on both models lets users make straight or curved cuts at various depths. The Shark also includes: version 5.0 VCarve Pro software, an off-the-shelf Bosch Colt palm router, steel and polyethelene construction, plunge cut capability, direct drive from the motors to the lead screws, an open design, table slots for attaching hold-down clamps and precision-machined parts.

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