Water-Based Dried-Parts Stabilizer


Bates DPS is a water-based end coating that protects dried wood parts and rough dimension lumber during storage, staging and shipment, says U-C Coatings. DPS restricts moisture gain and loss from humidity changes by using water-borne, nano-technology polymers to penetrate kiln-dried hardwood dimension lumber, adds the company. The stabilizer will reduce the potential for checking and glued-joint separation from wood swelling and shrinkage, says U-C  Coatings. Applications include manufacturing of high-end architectural millwork, doors and windows and for edge-glued solid hardwood panels, such as stair treads, chair seats and table tops. DPS protects wood inventory and wood parts during processing, according to the company. Bates DPS does not include wax, silicone, HAPs or solvents and has low VOC’s, says U-C Coatings.

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