Laguna Tools introduces the 4-Axis CNC Turner, which the company says offers the features of a much larger machine in an affordable package with a conservative footprint (36” by 80” with 13” of Z travel at 10” diameter on the A axis). The Laguna-4 Axis CNC Tuner gives users the ability to create a wide range of items from intricately carved gun stocks and wood turnings to claw foot legs with mortise and tenon joints. Flat stock can be processed, says the company, by removing the turner attachment. The 4-Axis CNC Turner is also available in a “two-up” version with two spindles and two rotary axis for higher turning productivity. Features include a CNC touch controller with a non-Windows-based operating system, which can also run remote diagnostics via the Internet or a PC. The machines can be operated with a mounted touchscreen or through a VNC-linked laptop, Netbook, Smart Phone or an iPad. The CNC Turner, demonstrated at IWF 2012, is ideal for teaching environments, says the manufacturer, because an instructor can monitor several machines at once from a desktop computer. Other features include an IP65 sealed, dust- and water-proof touchscreen.

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