General International introduces the Model i-Carver 40-915X, 15” by 20” CNC Carving Machine. The CNC carving machine features an easy start-up procedure and a large user friendly control panel with LCD display, keypad and USB 2.0 port for easy file transfers, says the company, and uses a pendant style hand-held controller and i-Picture programming software. The carver has variable cutting speeds up to 118” per minute and a positional accuracy up to 0.001 inches, says the company, with a 500 watt spindle included with automatic spindle on/off control. The aluminum table features integrated hold down clamps. A tool kit with starter cutting tools is included along with a controller; no external operating PC is required. The Model i-Carver, featured at IWF 2012, has a X Axis cutting capacity of 15” (381 mm), Y Axis cutting capacity of 20” (508 mm), and Z Axis cutting capacity of 4” (102 mm) with overall dimensions of 33” W by 43” L by 27” H.

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