OSI Wood Machinerie’s Self-Centering Planer helps maximize raw material yield, decreasing costs, and increasing overall product quality, says the company. The self-centering planer, an IWF 2012 Challengers Award Entry, can be used for a variety of manufacturing applications, including furniture, doors and windows, cabinets, components and hardwood floors. The planer, using a patented, self-calibrating technology, is designed to ensure thickness accuracy of all work pieces. It follows the shape of each board to remove exactly the same thickness from both sides, even when the thickness varies by as much as 1/2” and can handle plank widths of 18”, 24”, and 32”. The self-centering planer minimizes degrade from burns, digging, splitting, and other common defects of standard planers, says the company. Features include digital thickness readouts and spiral cutter heads with replaceable cutting inserts.


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