Ripped-to-Width Hardwood Lumber

American Lumber Co. provides customers with ripped-to-width lumber and it offers a wide range of ripped hardwood lumber products. American Lumber announces it has allocated customer relationship management responsibilities for the ripping operation to its main office location. American said the move is designed for improved communication, increased accessibility for sharing best practices information, and improved ability to service customers who rely on American’s ripped-to-width lumber production. American Lumber’s Ripping Division offers improved manufacturing productivity and increased lumber yields for cabinetry, furniture, moulding and flooring manufacturers, adds the company, and its Ripped-to-Width Hardwood Lumber Products are ideal for improving a customer's lumber yields. Customers can inquire about product design and availability by contacting the Hardwood Ripping Division at (407) 496-4146 or visiting for more information.

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