Ripped Lumber Program

Baillie Lumber has expanded its ripping capabilities allowing for the development of higher volumes and more customer specific solutions of full-to-width custom ripped strips. Baillie’s ripped hardwood lumber program spans across its entire specie lines, grades, thicknesses and lengths available. Manufacturers across the entire industry, from cabinetry to flooring, can realize the benefits of ripped-to-width strips to increase yield and production while decreasing waste, says Baillie. With the additional expansion of our ripping capabilities in Smyrna, NY, the company maintains two facilities that provide custom rip solutions. Baillie Lumber’s hardwood ripping products are offered in one of three ways. A custom two edge ripping program consists of custom grade solutions designed to a customer’s specific requirements. These special grades decrease waste and maximize the amount of usable surface area per load. A random width parallel edged program, which can prove to be a more productive alternative to traditional straight line ripped one edge lumber, offers flexibility and choice of edge in the manufacturing process. A third offering is ripping as a service. Baillie Lumber will rip a load of lumber to a specific cut bill, supplementing a customer’s own rough mill capabilities with Baillie’s state-of-the-art ripping equipment, adds Baillie.