Raised Panel Door Machine

Unique Machine & Tool Co.’s Unique 250 GT2 Door Machine is on display at Ligna 2013. The Unique 250 Door Machine offers a complete solution to door production, says the company. It features a 10HP Himmel Direct Drive  Shaper Motor.  The Model 250 allows an operator to make all parts for a complete cabinet door in less than 2 minutes.  It comes with tooling and an 8-part template. The machine footprint is 94” wide by 33” deep with a work height of 3’1”. The machine weighs 1,350 pounds. Compressed air requirements are 90PSI – 2 CFM.  Available options include the XS option extending the spindle for an 8” stack and the XL option, which increases the cut length to 65”.  Unique Machine and Tool machines are made in the U.S.

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