February 17, 2012 | 10:26 am CST

Norwood Industries introduces new hydraulic and power attachments for the Norwood LumberMate Pro MX34 portable band sawmill. Attachments include hydraulic log loaders, a hydraulic log turner, hydraulic log clamps and hydraulic toe boards. Also new in 2012 is a new system to power the carriage-- power feed and power blade height adjustment, which allows LumberMate Pro users to operate several carriage and sawhead functions from a single remote control. The LumberMate Pro MX34 can handle logs up to 34" in diameter, and mill boards up to 28" wide. Users can choose from a variety of commercial-capacity optional manual attachments as well as the hydraulic and power functions, which can be added in any combination, says the company, all at once or over time.

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