Wood Optimizing and Defecting Cutting Machine

Macoser introduces Stromab’s new CAT.1 Automatic Optimizing and Defecting Cutting Machine, equipped with the latest programming software. It offers 787 feet-per-minute feed speed; accuracy better than .004 inches; 10 hp; and 500mm diameter blade capacity. It includes new Windows-based Software with Touch-Screen Control with graphic interface, allowing alternate processing schedules inlcluding splitting cut lists, says the company, and an inclined Rack and Pinion pusher with linear slideways and special bearings for speed and accuracy. A cross transfer chain loader features adjustable pins and 6 pneumatic aligners is designed to keep the system fed, allowing the worker to perform other tasks, adds Macoser. A new Carriage Gripping System grabs the piece at both the top and bottom for maximum control accuracy and the blade is raised by a high-performance pneumatic cylinder, after the safety fence lowers, adding downward clamping and enclosing the area for dust extraction. The outfeed has a 3-ft. (IM) extraction table or an optional belt conveyor with pneumatic kickers that reads and sorts material by product length. Optimization modes include: minimum waste, length, priority, volume, and sequence with separate software management for waste splitting, finger-joint, useful waste and reserve list.

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