Optimized Ripping and Cross Cutting System

With the introduction of its optimizing ripping machine, TigerRip1000, TigerStop announces the Precision Rough Mill, a new, flexible work cell that results from combining TigerRip 1000 with TigerSaw 1000, the optimizing cross cutting machine. Small to medium sized shops can now produce finish quality parts and achieve maximum material yield and productivity by ripping only what is needed, when it’s needed, says TigerStop. It allows companies the ability to only crosscut the parts that are required to fill existing orders, adds the company. Additional benefits include the elimination of unused material; identification of each component as it is processed; and no more counting. TigerStop says the Precision Rough Mill eliminates the need to buy material pre-ripped or manually rip material in-house. The Precision Rough Mill offers small to medium shops a way to produce finish quality parts, lower material costs and increase yield while providing a just-in-time lean manufacturing solution, says the company.

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