Scm introduces the new Routech Oikos 6 axis machining center, designed for manufacturing structural beams and walls on six sides of components up to 1250 x 300 mm, with no limits to length. The machine is easy to service, says Scm, due to the reduced number of components that combine a number of advanced functions. The machine’s software makes programming quicker since it "reads" imported CAD software in “BTL” format and only minimum intervention by the operator is needed to go from the design file to production of the wood elements. Oikos software offers a virtual enviroment allowing the programmer to see the machine run the program and report any problems. The machine processes quickly offering a high-performance 8-position tool change, says Scm, in combination with blade stations and optional aggregates that can be used for mortising, deep hole boring or electric saw. The basic version uses a 500 mm diameter blade that enables the working unit to reach the highest cutting speed on any section; blades of up to 800 millimetres can also be installed, says the company.

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