Electronic Router Fence

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware introduces Ready2Rout, an electronic router fence.  The ReadytoRout consists of a controller box featuring a touch screen interface attached to an aluminum multi-track router fence. The fence automatically adjusts according to the numerical input from the user and comes pre-loaded with apps for box joints, dadoes, and half-blind dovetails. The electronic fence eliminates the need to adjust the fence by hand and also allows users to repeat cuts by recalling stored positioning data from the hard drive. Three apps are included for box joints, dadoes, and half-blind dovetails, plus step-and-repeat functions such as those for fluted columns and beadboard. The fence works without needing to be connected a computer, but the USB port on the back allows users to easily install additional apps and update software, adds Rockler. Stops and other router table jigs and accessories can be added to the multi-track fence. The Ready2Rout (44999) retails for $599.99

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