Defecting and Optimizing Saw System

RazorGage announced the availability of its newest defecting and optimizing saw system called TouchLite RazorOptimal. Typically defects in materials are marked with crayon and scanned by the saw system to enter defect locations and length of the material, says the company.  TouchLite RazorOptimal systems use a patent-pending new technique featuring touch sensor and LED indicator strip technology. The “ruler” in the system is a touch strip. The operator will place a board against the reference stop, then touch the strip at the far end to indicate length of the board. The LED strip will turn green over the length of the board. Then the operator will indicate any defects by swiping the touch strip adjacent to any defects on the board. The LED’s immediately turn red in those locations acknowledging that the system has read the defect. Swipe the other direction and the LED’s turn yellow (meaning it is an acceptable defect if using A/B grade defecting).  The system can scan materials up to 16’4” long, adds the company.

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