February 28, 2013 | 10:33 am CST

Norwood Industries says its LumberMate Pro MX34 Portable Sawmill offers log capacity of 34” (85cm) with a throat capacity of 28” (70cm) and is customizable. The standard version will mill logs and lumber 13-feet (3.9M) long; adding bed extensions will increase the capacity. For example, users who want to mill 41-foot beams can do so with seven extensions. Features include an auto-lock sawhead, auto-flow sawblade-lube, auto-engage clutch, and auto-engage blade-brake plus an auto-lock adjustable blade guide. The Lumber Mate Pro’s wide-track log deck built is made of twin double-plated commercial grade steel rails designed for strength and torsional stability. It has a 4-post carriage frame that is fortified with 2” by 5” precision-extruded vertical guides and heavy-gauge 2 ½” structural tubular-steel rear vertical mounts and front horizontal stabilizer bar. Users can increase its production, capacity and efficiency, says the company, by adding a variety of optional manual or hydraulic commercial-quality sawmill attachments at any time. It features Dura-Guide Blade Guides, which offer 3-sided saw blade support, designed to maximize cut stability. The company says the blade guides run cool and virtually silent and are less affected by sawdust buildup and freezing while eliminating blade defection and down-pressure, which can extend blade-life by as much as 40 percent.

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