CNC Miter Door Machine

The model M-45 from Pillar Machine is a 3 Axis Miter, Mortise, and Tenon Machining Center.  There are two zones standard in the M-45 allowing for pendulum processing. While the one part is being machined, the other zone can be loaded and queued for machining. There are two CNC controlled axis in the X (left to right) and Z (up and down); the Y axis (in and out) is performed with adjustable pneumatic cylinder. Offering flexibility as well as productivity, the M-45 provides high quality mitered mortise and tenon parts for use in cabinet door construction and the M-45 will produce up to 200 doors per 8 hour shift, says Pillar. Advantages of the machine include elimination of complicated machine setups and climb cut of both tenon and mortise cuts result in a tear-out free cut, says the company. In addition, the M-45 has the ability to cut MDF paper or vinyl wrapped profiles and eliminates the need for applying inlays. Pillar says the M-45 reduces maintenance and costs associated with the tooling by more than 50 percent by eliminating end coping. The M-45 offers multiple tool paths to choose from in tenon and miter on the mortise side to accommodate all profiles, adds the company.

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