Bore and Dowel Machining Center

Pillar Machine says its Model H49 CNC Bore and Dowel Machining Center is designed to CNC position the spindle, bore a hole, then CNC position the inserter, inject glue or water (for pre-glued dowels) and fire the dowel into the hole. The H49 performs the following functions: horizontal boring, glue insertion and dowel insertion. Standard features include X axis CNC control for positioning; four clamp units; digital mechanical readouts for height and depth; and a small footprint for conserving floor space.  Additional features include 1 HP high frequency 18,000 RPM direct drill spindle, two zones, 15” industrial color touch screen PC for programing and running programs, and a strong, 1600 lb. base and a 49” work field. Benefits include elimination of complicated machine setups and quick accurate assembly. The HP 49 Software is also designed to streamline production. The on screen graphics of the Operator Interface have been designed to allow for quick programming at the machine. Pillar says that typically programs can be written and recalled in less than one minute.

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