Benchtop Dovetail Routing Machine

The Hoffmann MU2-P Benchtop Dovetail Routing Machine is equipped with a high speed router motor, located at the center of the machine. The supplied 45 degree fence plate, which is guided in a keyway in the machine table, is used to accurately position the material on the table. The machine is equipped with a pneumatic foot switch to start the routing process. After depressing the switch, the routing sequence is initiated, beginning with the pneumatic clamp securing the work piece on the machine table and the motor switching on. Next the router head advances until the pre-set height position is reached. The router head then returns to base position, the motor is switched off and the pneumatic clamp releases the work piece. The machine features a heavy cast-aluminum base, precision linear bearings and a steel motor carriage. The MU2-P Dovetail Routing Machine weights 71 lbs. and has a 750 watt motor with a motor speed of 35,000 rpm. Maximum routing height is 3” with a maximum material height of 6”.  An air filter-regulator unit is included.

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