Automated Wood Repair System for Flooring

Wintersteiger introduces the TRC, a new fully automated wood repair system for flooring.The TRC is designed to correct defects in wood. With it defects like cracks and knots can be repaired in one filling procedure, regardless of the user's skill level reducing the amount of rejects and increasing yield, says the company. The machines are custom tailored to your needs and volume; combined with a specially developed 3 D scanner the TRC can repair defects in fully automatic operation. Benefits include a reduction in labor costs, a perfect fill of knots and cracks independent of human skill level and a significant reduction of rejects and increase in yield, adds Wintersteiger. The TRC can perform a multicolor repair on the same board, if needed. It uses a filler that is harmless to people and the environment. Wintersteiger adds the special injection process guarantees the hold of the filling material for all areas of the detected defect. Boards can be stacked or processed further immediately after the fill, adds the company. Pictured is the Wintersteiger TRC Easy Plus.

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