Automatic Timber Defect Repair
September 17, 2013 | 3:44 pm CDT

Wintersteiger’s Timber Repair and Cosmetics (TRC) ECO is designed for use by mid- to large-sized companies. The fully automatic process offers high-end quality repairs, says the company, and can handle large dimensions: lengths from 800 – 2500 mm; widths from 135 – 650 mm; and thicknesses from 5 – 25 mm. Applications include parquet flooring, solid parquet planks, solid wood boards, multilayer boards, plywood, and furniture boards.  With the TRC system a surface can be repaired in one filling procedure, which reduces the number of items being rejected and labor costs. The system allows multicolor repair of defects on the same board if necessary and repair of defects on edges and elements can be stacked immediately after the filler injection, says the company. Materials used for repairs are environmentally friendly, says Wintersteiger.

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