General International is offering a special limited edition version of its EX-21 saw, the EX-21AK tocelebrate the 30-year anniversary of the production of the first Excalibur scroll saw in 1982 by the original manufacturers, Sommervile Design.  The limited production run of saw uses the original black color and will include some new bonus features and additions not usually featured with the standard EX-21, including 12 blade tubes to fit in the saws’ blade tube holders. An upper and lower blade guard assembly, normally available as an option, will be standard on the EX-21AK. Also featured on the anniversary saw will be a dust collector hook-up kit with a 2 ½ inch under-table dust port.  The EX-21BS open based steel stand and EX-01  foot switch will also be included with the purchase of every Anniversary saw kit and each will carry its on serial numbered certificate of authenticity.  Key features include the titling head design, 120V 1.3 Amp motor, front mounted electronic variable speed control, and an onboard flexible dust blower plus adjustable work piece hold down and more.

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