Williams & Hussey Machine Co., Inc., introduced its New Model 154CE molder to its product line, replacing the Model 154. Changes to the molder, which was featured at IWF 2012 include a redesigned cover and a new chip extractor that improves chip waste flow. The Model 154CE has a constant 11 fpm feed rate instead of the 15 fpm of the 154, which accomodates various wood species especially harder woods such as maple and hickory. The 154CE features a GS-2 guide system that is wear resistant with a low friction surface and has a compact stand with a motor position lock, 230 voltage and 2 HP knife motor. The 154CE can be used to mold straight, round top and elliptical molding applications and  features an optional mobile base. It comes with a seven year warranty and is manufactured in New Hampshire.

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